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888 Casino claims to be the number one online casino in the world. It’s a big claim, even for this big site, but judging by 888’s amenities and long history of player satisfaction we’re inclined to believe them. 888’s software (owned wholly by the company itself) is more than up to par, and it has its fair share of graphics-enhanced game screens, but this casino doesn’t try to impress its players with all the bells and whistles used by newer sites. 888 Casino has earned its spotless reputation by focusing instead on what real players want most: lots of games, lots of action, and lots of money.

The Site
In the past, 888 Casino’s web design has been the most common complaint among its players. Recently, 888 got a makeover. The difference is obvious but not remarkable. 888 remains game-oriented with a simple, no-frills interface and information-centered page designs. The color scheme is cathartic at best and the graphics are small and simple. While players that have grown accustomed to big themes and obtrusive graphics may be put off by 888’s simplicity, more game-oriented players find it refreshing and appreciate how easy it is to get where and what they want quickly.
The good news for players of all styles is that while 888 remains at its face a function over form casino, its game screen illustrations and animations leave nothing to be desired. There is a wide variety of games from traditional card games like poker and backgammon to popular casino fare like roulette, slots and bingo. 888 even offers live sports betting and a ladies partner site. All games are depicted realistically and in 3D with customizable player avatars. The site also boasts an amazing 18 versions selectable by member language.

The Software
888’s unique software remains some of the best in the industry and is constantly being upgraded. While the site may not be dressed up with a lot of graphics, the software is certainly capable of supporting them as evidenced by the impressive game screens, seamless transitions, and fluid game play.

Bonuses and Promotions
Because of 888’s focus on player satisfaction, its bonuses and promotions are exceptional, some of the best in the industry. They boast the standard 100% first deposit matching bonus but with a higher than average maximum of $200. At 888’s poker flagship Pacific Poker, the first deposit bonus is even better with a maximum of $400. 888 Casino also gives their new players multiple opportunities to earn additional perks like tournament entries, free play and cash bonuses in addition to the usual loyalty program.

888 has one of the best referral bonuses, with a $150 cash bonus for the referring member and an additional $30 bonus for their new friend. The casino endeavors to keep their site exciting for both new and returning members by offering a large variety of jackpots, tournaments and special events.

Customer Service
At 888 Casino it seems that customer complaints of any sort are few and far between, but when a problem does arise 888’s expansive support department is always there and prepared to fix it. Each 888 site has its own special service team that members can contact staff 24/7 via telephone, email, or an on-site problem reporting portal. Members can also talk to multi-lingual support staff around the clock thanks to 888’s live chat support feature.



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